Photographer Compensated

Anthony Finnegan
Anthony Finnegan

An amateur photographer, Anthony Finnegan, from Shropshire has just won a £10,000 payout in compensation after he was arrested for taking pictures of a bank.  I’m not sure how many bank branches there are in my local area but I bet I could make a living out of this!

West Mercia’s chief constable, David Shaw, will write a letter of apology to Anthony Finnegan. The force has admitted liability for the incident and will pay Finnegan £10,000 plus his legal costs and delete all records of his arrest. As yet, neither of the officers involved has been disciplined.

Finnegan, a 45-year-old construction worker, is a keen amateur photographer. On the day in question in July 2009 he was taking pictures in the centre of Shrewsbury, one of which was of the front lobby of a high street bank in a period building.

He was approached by a police constable and a community support officer (CSO) who, Finnegan said, asked why he was taking “discreet photographs” of a bank. “I said: ‘There’s nothing discreet about this, it’s an SLR camera. If I was being discreet I’d use a phone’,” Finnegan explained.

You can find more details about the story at the Shropshire Star or at The Guardian


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