Taylor-Wessing Portrait Competition 2012

I’ve been watching this amazing competition grow from strength to strength each year. This year as part of my drive to try and get my work ‘out there’ I have decided to enter the competition. Eeek! Now, I am fully aware that the eventual winner will be an absolutely amazing capture of someone in wonderful light and with everything technically perfect but I just want to think I would make it through the first round sifting phase.

The competition is quite expensive to enter, £24 per image, and I’m hoping that this will put off people in the recession but it does mean only the best will enter. I also opted to pay an additional £10 and this will get me a copy of the catalogue of the finalists and overall winner.

The images that I’ve entered…

Rockstar Lunch

This image is entitled Rockstar Lunch and was taken whilst on a visit to Brighton. This couple were out for a quiet stroll on the pavilion and a lunch in peace. Instead they had me rudely interrupting them and my friend sticking a soft box in their faces whilst they ate. They were a great couple to shoot and really great fun to work with, they just couldn’t keep a straight face and I hope this humour comes across in the portrait.


This image is called Siren and was part of a series of images I took whilst experimenting with different photographic techniques. I am really please with this shot as it is almost straight out of camera with very little work done in Photoshop. My subject was very patient working underwater and didn’t complain too much about the water being cold. I did initially try to shoot with her in hot water but the steam kept misting up my lenses!

Anyway, fingers crossed for the competition! 🙂


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