New Business Cards

pf4As I’m still on my crazy drive to increase my profile I thought it would be wise to get hold of some business cards.  At the end of the month I will be at The Eye International Photography Festival in Aberystwyth and this seems the perfect opportunity to get some face time with photographers, editors and curators.

There are a lot of companies who will make you business cards and their prices range from pennies to hundreds of pounds.  I’ve used before and already knew that they produce amazing quality cards and, most importantly, are affordable.

The creation process is very easy and the website takes you through all the steps by holding your hand where necessary.  You can create cards that all have the same image on the back but using their cool print technology you can have as many different designs as you want.  This is a great way of showcasing your portfolio.  If you hand out cards to a small group of people then they are bound to compare the images and so in one fell swoop you can get several images ‘out there’.  Listening to comments means you will get instant feedback on your work as I’ve found that people seem happier to criticise ‘cards’ as they seem less precious.

I ordered my cards a few days ago. It took longer for me to pick the images I wanted to use than the rest of the order process.  Once in the Moo website I had my order ready to send in less than 10 minutes.  There are options to customise almost everything on the card and for artists you can ignore the templates and generate your images in an art program like Photoshop.  I’m not that good yet and so stuck with one of the basic templates.  I entered my details for the business side of the card and hit send.

My cards arrived this morning and I am delighted with them.  The print quality is fantastic and the correct correction and brightness are very close to how I see them when I print at home.  One of the images is slightly more cropped than I hoped but I think this was my mistake for not positioning it correctly in the box clearly marked with something like ‘keep your image inside this box’!  The cards feel smooth to the touch and  have a good thickness to them.  I opted for rounded corners and these had really added to the effect I was after.

I’m not in any way sponsored by Moo but if you want great cards head on HERE


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