College End of Year Show

Me.  Grinning!
Me. Grinning!

Thursday 14th June was the end of year show at South Cheshire College.  Organised primarily to display the works of the full time day students they were gracious enough to devote a whole room to the evening photography A level classes.



It took a while to find the classroom but as you can see from the photos they managed to devote a little space to each of the students on the course.  Unfortunately we had no choice over which pictures were selected for display and my two weren’t among my best shots.  In addition we didn’t get told to produce bio’s or business cards and so we looked a little amateur compared to the day students.


The night was good fun though and a chance to look at the work of classes we never actually got to interact with.  I’ve been to a few end of year shows and there is a definite ‘feel’ to the A level work.  I think this is because students work to a limited set of themes over the two years and retreat a lot of beaten ground.  University end of year shows have much more creativity and there is definitely a step up.  It was disappointing to hear one of the day students admit to his peers that he knocked up the photos he was displaying in ten minutes because the project deadline was looming.

Plenty of lessons learnt about image selection and display and the importance of having a decent bio and ‘freebies’ to keep people at your images for longer.  My board was out of the way and not very well lit and so for future shows I’m hoping to have a lot more influence on the final outcome.  There is a function on my printer to adjust an image based on the lighting it is displayed under and I may try this next time.  As my two pictures are a difficult to see in the first photo I’ve included enlargements here for you.

The Lonely Vigil
The Lonely Vigil

You can see more of the work I did in college this year by looking at the blurb book I produced HERE and if you love the images how about buying a copy of the book?  I make a massive 50p for every book sold 🙂


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