Car Boot Joy

pf8I had hoped to be posting about my visit to the Light House Gallery in Wolverhampton to see their display of Bruce Gilden’s street photography work. After making the 30 minute train journey I arrived at the gallery to discover it was closed. I should have looked at the website and seen that it doesn’t open at weekends, just like all the other galleries out there. Oh no, wait they are all open at the weekends. And I nearly got mugged by a homeless guy as I looked around the gallery building to make sure I hadn’t missed an obvious way in.

Anyway. To console myself I went to a car boot sale in Wrexham and picked up these two cameras for only £1 for the pair. They appear to be working and more excitingly both still have canisters of 110 film inside – each has been partially exposed and so I’m really looking forward to finishing off the rolls and getting them printed! Holga still make 110 film and so I’m getting onto eBay and ordering a few rolls as these are my first 110 cameras.



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