Panasonic Lumix GX-1

pf11Well I’ve been stalling about getting a smaller camera for some time now and yesterday I bit the bullet and ordered a Lumix GX1.  I primarily shoot with a Canon 5D Mk2 but it is a hefty beast and really awkward for taking on holidays.  I have a Canon G9 as a secondary camera but it is really starting to struggle when I go street shooting.

There were several cameras that I looked at before I made my decision: Olympus Pen Ep-3, Nikon V1, Fuji X100 and a Sony NEX-7.  After wading through dozens of reviews I opted for the Lumix.  It has a fast focusing system, wide selection of lenses and a touch screen that lets me pick a focal point and shoot.  All the other cameras I looked at had their pros and cons but hopefully I have made the correct decision.

I’m going to try a few days with this camera under different shooting conditions and I’ll post my experiences shortly.  Now to load up the manual and see how to set things up the way I’m used to!


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