Newport University Graduates

for this week’s blog I thought I’d show you some of the work of recent graduates from Newport University’s photography degree courses.  All of the images shown have been taken from the photographer’s websites and full copyright belongs to them.  If you like their work you should contact them and let them know,  Everyone likes to hear praise!

Jocelyn Allen

© Jocelyn Allen
© Jocelyn Allen

The first image is by Jocelyn Allen who graduated in 2010 having studied photographic art.  I was drawn to the ethereal nature of the image, a self portrait, and loved the muted hues.  I didn’t understand why she had chosen to keep only one of the eyes in focus and thought it may just be to provide  a solid focal point.  Having looked at her website the true is far more interesting.  This image is a composite of self portraits shot over a period of seven weeks.  The eyes was kept in focus and this used to align the other layers on top, creating a fantastic ghostly image that is a little unsettling.  Since graduating Jocelyn has had exhibitions in Oregon, Dublin, London and Swansea.  Her work has been seen in ID magazine and the Sunday Times Magazine.

Jocelyn talks about Newport:
Check out Jocelyn’s Website HERE

Juliana Kammerlander

© Juliana Kammerlander
© Juliana Kammerlander

This image is one from 2012 Documentary Photography Graduate Juliana Kammerlander.  I was lucky enough to see some of Juliana’s work at the University Open Day this year.  The series ‘Trans-filmations’ uses subject who are experiencing gender dysphoria and photographing them as famous film or historical icons.  Juliana has exhibited several times through projects organised through the university and, more excitingly, has shown at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Juliana gives a brief few words about the Uni (on a windy day!)

Juliana’s website can be found HERE

Kirsty Mackay

© Kirsty Allen
© Kirsty Mackay

Kirsty is different from the previous two photographers in that she did an MA rather than BA at Newport.  She had already had experience as a photographer but wanted to get a more structured approach to her work.  She completed her MA in 2005 and moved to Bristol where she carries out project that document everyday life and ‘normal’ people.  Since going to Newport she picked up the blogging habit as a way of recording her ideas and motivations and her excellent blog can be found HERE.  This is the sort of work I hope to be doing and so will be following Kirsty’s blog closely over the next few months for inspiration.

Kirsty talks about Newport University 

and her website is HERE


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