Three Life Changing Images

I thought I’d share three photos that Hannah and I really very excited about.  These are the first scans of our first child who is due to arrive on 16 March 2013 🙂

It’s name changes each week based on the piece of fruit that matches its size so at the time of posting its currently being called ‘Lemon Fox’.


‘Poppy (seed) Fox’ at around 6 weeks old.   This was the first real confirmation we had that it was real.  This tiny blob was only a few millimetres across but you could still see a beating heart.


‘Grape Fox’ at around 8 weeks old.


‘Kiwi Fox’ just over 11 weeks old and the first chance for a proper check to make sure everything is growing as planned.  There was a lot of disco dancing from the baby during the scan – we’ll have to keep the caffeine locked away!

I promise that I won’t flood this blog with dozens of pictures so don’t fear that it will become a glorified baby album (that’s what Facebook is for after all!).



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