Ghosts of World War II

Cherbourg 1944
Cherbourg 1944

You may have seen my post a few weeks back where I talked about photography tricks that just didn’t work if poorly applied.  If you didn’t you can pop on over to it HERE.  One of the tricks I mentioned was using two images as layers and changing the opacity to create two pictures in one.

Photographer and historian Jo Teeuwisse uses this technique to create some amazing and poignant images. She calls her series ‘Now and Then, the Ghosts of History’.  She was browsing in a flea market and came across a box of around 300 negatives from the Second World War.  She digitised the images and then set off to the locations to try to retake the photo from the same view point.  By using layers in Photoshop she added the original 1940’s images to create ghostly troops walking through modern streets.  Since then she has searched the internet for more images and used then to create dozens of different series of images.

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More of Jo’s images can be seen on her Flickr site.  She has also included the original shots she used to make her compositions, useful in working out the techniques she uses.

The work is similar to that of photographer Sergey Larenkov, who has created several extensive series – the highlights of which are shown below.  The full series can be access from HERE.  I find the work of both photographers very inspiring and it has given me an idea to try something similar for my local town.  I may not be able to find pictures of troops parading through the streets but there must be some vintage images that I could combine in a similar manner.

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