Pro photographers with really cheap cameras

Tonight I thought I’d share some light entertainment that has a serious message.  Most photographers are guilty of camera envy.  I have a lovely full frame DSLR and yet still want a medium format camera.  Photographers starting out are often quick to blame the camera for rubbish pictures.

This series of YouTube video clips gives different professional photographers really, really bad cameras and challenges them to get the most out of the kit.  The results may not win Photographer of the Year but I was very impressed by the images that could be produced from cameras as simple as an iPhone 2 or a Lego Camera!

Each video is around 10 minutes long except for the one with Chase Jarvis as his runs to twenty minutes or so.  Watching a professional in action is well worth the time and effort.  The videos all start with the same set up so you can probably skip the first few minutes once you’ve watched one or two.  If you want to try it yourself you may have to search on eBay or your local charity shops for an obsolete cheap model.

The final video is a switch, they give one of the models a fantastic Nikon D3S camera to see how she gets on.

Carsten Schael uses a Yashica EZ-F

Hermann Lee uses an iPhone 2G

Eric Wong uses a lovely pink Rollei compact point and shoot

Mark Chung uses a Vivitar 8027 and a non-professional model.

Chase Jarvis uses a Lego Camera, hell yeah!

Hong Kong Model Garcia shoots with a Nikon D3S.  She’s a little annoying but does pretty well for a complete novice.



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