Photo Realistic Painters

For a slight change this post I thought that I would highlight the work of some truly amazing artists who create paintings and drawings that are so lifelike they could be mistaken for photographs.

Nathan Walsh

Walsh works with oil paints on a linen canvas to create his urban scenes.  In his own words:

“Duplicating the flatness of a photograph or a series of stitched together photographs is of no interest to me.  A camera lens will have a fixed focal length and a software package will obey a set of algorithms. The reproduction in paint of these mechanical processes negates the human experience of responding to the world.”

If you have a look at his drawing and watercolour work you can see the beginnings of the oil masterpieces.

And here is Walsh sketching out the guidelines for his Chicago in the Rain image taken from the Visual News website.


Diego Fazio

Painting with oil is a skill that takes years of practice and can be percieved as the medium for the artistic elite.  Surely nothing so good could be created with something more humble, like a pencil for example?  Well think again!  Here are some images from Italian artist Fazio as see on his Deviantart web pages.

Samuel Silva

Silva uses coloured ballpoint pens to create his works.  Looking at his Deviantart site reveals a love of drawing big cats but he can clearly capture the human essence too.

real8 real9Paul Cadden

And finally we have an artist who uses graphite and pastels to create his photo-realistic images.

real10 real11

Anyone interested in hyperrealist or photo-reaslitic artwork should check out the book Exactitude available from Amazon.

You might also want to follow the links below and see work by some more incredibly gifted artists:

Roberto Bernadi


Steve Mills


Erich Christensen



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