Erin Trieb at The Third Floor Gallery

This is the third, and final part, of a review of the current exhibitions at The Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff.

Erin Trieb

The second half of the Winter in America exhibition was by Erin Trieb.  Where Maxon chose to follow a community to create his images of a broken America, Trieb focused on one individual, 22 year old soldier Adam Ramsey.  Ramsey served in Afghanistan and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on his return from duty.  The images were originally taken as part of Trieb’s The War at Home series which document Ramsey’s battle with depression and subsequent rehabilitation.

This was my favourite part of the exhibition.  Classical documentary photography at its best.  Trieb had previously worked with veterans and this gave her a stronger insight into the suffering of troops after the fighting had stopped.


As with the Maxon’s images texts had been provided to explain each of the images.  This really added to the story and the difficulties that Ramsey, and many veterans like him, suffer.  The exhibition was quite emotional and I thought that the images and text worked well together to create a strong narrative.  I can’t believe that this series hasn’t been published as a book (and if I’m wrong please tell me where I can get hold of a copy!).




Trieb talks about her work, then part of a charity project called The Homecoming Project to the DARTS Society HERE.


I had a great time at the Third Floor Gallery and it was well worth the trip.  I can’t say I was taken with all of Chau’s images, but there were one or two that I would like to own prints of.  The Maxon and Trieb works were powerful and emotive.  I hadn’t heard of either photographer before my visit and so I’m glad that I have now discovered their work, Trieb’s in particular.  The Winter in America exhibition is due to end very soon (it has already been extended twice) so if you can you should hurry on down and see it.


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