Diffusion 2013: Norwegian Church Arts Centre

hoy2At the Norwegian Church they were showing Elin Høyland’s series The Brothers.  This is an intimate portrayal of the relationship between Harald and Mathias Ramen, two brothers who lived together on a small farm in Tessanden in rural Norway.  In her work, Høyland chronicles a way of life that has almost entirely disappeared. Mathias and Harald lived all their lives on their family farm. Their days followed a predictable and comforting routine with little change from year to year. Høyland’s photographs witness the incredible sense of belonging and routine the brothers savoured, while simultaneously illuminating the greater sense of solitude found in rural Norway.

The exhibition here is open daily 9 – 5 to 26th May 2013.


I really liked the pictures from this series and I think it is a great example of documentary photography working well to tell a quiet story.  Unfortunately I’m not a fan of the space at the Norwegian Church and everything always feels crammed in and poorly lit.  I almost missed some of the images as they were tucked away on the back of two of the display boards.




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