Diffusion 2013: Pop Up Studio

One of the highlights of the Diffusion festival was the chance to actually become a part of the experience.  I have been following Newport graduate Kirsty Mackay’s blog for several months now having discovered her work as part of research for my uni applications.  One of her projects is to set up a make shift studio in a busy area and take portraits of anyone who wants one.  This allows her to create a pictorial record of people in ‘everyday’ clothes and gives the subject a nice print to keep.

Kirsty in action, doing her best despite her ugly model :)
Kirsty in action, doing her best despite her ugly model 🙂 – thanks Hannah for taking this shot

I must admit that I was initially surprised at the sparseness of the pop-up studio but within minutes of chatting to Kirsty it was clear that she knew what she was doing.  We were quickly put at ease and she worked methodically to get the shots she needed – despite little Lyra doing her best to throw a temper tantrum.

One image from each subject is going to be printed up (Kirsty was using a Mamiya 7ii medium format film camera) and will be on display in The Cardiff Story for several weeks but  best of all we get to keep our image!  I’ll post a copy of our print later in the month.  In addition Kirsty was shooting with her iPhone and shortly after our shoot she tweeted me this picture:

Daddy and Daughter – although the bad weather was upsetting Lyra



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