The people you meet at MacDonald’s

Photographer Nolan Conway has psychic powers.  Well it seems that way, and perhaps he can time travel too.

One of the ideas I had for a project during my A Level studies a few years ago was to try and take pictures of the ‘typical’ customer of MacDonald’s.  I decided that it would be too tricky to get permission to shoot on the premises and, at that point, I didn’t have the confidence to just go in and take pictures.  Nolan obviously had the same idea and access to a handful of brave pills.  In his quest for subjects he travelled across 22 states and visited over 150 different MacDonald’s restaurants.  His series has only just started to get noticed and the NY Times ran an online spread of his images on 3 May.

What have I taken away from this series?  The main thing is that a great idea needs to be shot sooner rather than later.  Trying to take a ‘new’ photo these days is becoming more and more difficult  – especially now camera phones are everywhere.  Secondly, be brave – get out there and take the shots because if you don’t then someone braver will beat you too it.  Finally, if you can’t get out there in time then wear a hat made of tin foil; it might stop your mind getting read 🙂

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