Diffusion 2013: Tramshed

PFox-6As the month of fantastic photography in Cardiff draws steadily to a close I only have a few more exhibitions to visit (and in some cases revisit).  One of the best venues for the festival has been the Tramshed.  A quick introductory news report by the BBC will give you an idea of the space:

The space is incredible and, as it is so big, easily has the capacity to comfortably show the works of dozens of artists.  The building is listed and so no attempt was made to change the space and this has worked in the festivals favour as it creates a unique gallery space.  If you would like to see the conversion from an empty space to a gallery in 5 minutes then watch the video below.

The Valleys Re-Presented


The main exhibition was The Valleys Re-Presented and as you can see from the picture it contains works by some highly respected photographers (including some from the Magnum agency).  This is an exhibition bringing together contemporary, historical and vernacular photography which has the south Wales’ Valleys and its communities as its subject. The Valleys Re-Presented examines different visual narratives and typologies and how the currency of images creates and sustains particular mythologies about people and place.

The images in the slide show are just a small portion of those that were on display:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Structures of Feeling

In addition to the Valleys images there were also two other exhibitions in the Tramshed.  The largest images you can see on the first picture in this blogpost are part of Structures of Feeling by Geoff Charles.


Between the 1930s and 1980s, Geoff Charles was an established photojournalist whose contribution to a variety of Welsh newspapers and magazines was extensive.  The exhibition draws on the collection of the National Library of Wales to create new frames of reference for Charles’ press photographs. Removed from their original context as half-tone illustrations and from the collection that usually defines them, these images with their shift in scale and presentation can still be very direct statements about the world but also mysterious fragments of it.

High Rise

And the third exhibition was High Rise by Peter Bobby.  The series examines the socio-political, architectural and visual discourse surrounding high rise buildings using a combination of both interior and exterior still and moving imagery.

PFox-2-5 PFox-45

And Finally

The Diffusion festival is running until the end of the month and so there is not much time left to get to the Tramshed and see this wonderful display.  A ffotohive has just been established here and you can become part of the exhibition by going along and taking a photo at the hive spot.

Exhibitions aside there is plenty for a photographer to see and do in the Tramshed.  As it has been left in its original state its very easy to get distracted and wonder off and start snapping the surrounds.  Below are a few shots I took on the day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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