Test Shoot with my ‘new’ Nikon camera


One of the items on the lengthy list of ‘necessary’ equipment for my Documentary Photography Degree Course at Newport University was a manual film camera.  It gave a few model types as examples and, after some research, I opted for the Nikon FM2N.  I bought it on eBay and paid just under £150 for one that was in great condition and came with a 50mm f1.8 lens.  I did a little shooting with film as part of my photography A level but even then I used a camera that had auto-focusing and program modes to help.

I took a test roll of HP5 Black and White film with 36 shots.  I tried the camera in different lighting conditions and at different shutter speeds and f-stop settings to be sure everything worked.  The bulk of the shots were taken whilst walking around Cardiff Bay on a grey and overcast afternoon.  I used a company called Ag Photographic to develop the film and they also provided a CD with high resolution images.  I’ve shrunk the image files so they load faster here but the results you see on screen are similar to the printed versions I received.

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