Exodus Mars

ExodusIn 1969 Neil Armstrong, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and Michael Collins blasted off on board Apollo 11 and headed for the moon. Four days later, on the 20th July, the Lunar Module, the Eagle detached safely from the command ship and Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon. They walked around for three hours, conducting experiments and collecting sample of moon dirt.

Our great grandparents were one of the first groups to leave on the colonial ships for Mars.

The Space Race had been won – USA and the USSR had been battling for supremacy in spaceflight capability since the end of the Second World War. Captured German rocket technology and personnel catapulted both nations towards the stars. With an American flag planted on the moon the race was over. The soaring costs of space flight and the gradual warming of relations between the east and west meant that the space programmes were slowly wound down. For America the Challenger and Columbia shuttle disasters marked the end of an era of manned space exploration.

Over time human ingenuity was able to change the unbreathable atmosphere of Mars and make it fit for humans. They teach us about the hard times in primary school so that we don’t forget. Mars was a golden jewel, reaching it was the pinnacle of human endeavour.

In August 2012 NASA pulled off the astonishing feat of lowering a robot probe, the Curiosity Rover, onto Mars. The first images, grainy black and white shots of the Gale Crater showed that the probe had landed safely and had started it’s exploration of the red planet. Curiosity was aptly named and international interest in the exploration of Mars has continued to grow to the point that in 2016 NASA will receive it’s highest funding in over a decade. A new race has begun, a new dream, to safely land a human mission on Mars. The Exodus could soon begin.

Mars is a shit hole. Just like old Earth.

The early settlers had it easy in comparison.

Toil and scientific endeavour meant that they could forget the problems they left back home on Earth and concentrate on just living.

We forget all the reasons why we crossed the vast expanse of space.

We broke free of our slavery on Earth, we were supposed to be the chosen ones.

We forgot the promises to leave behind our religious hatred, racial and sexual bigotry, corporate greed and our irrational need to strip the world of its natural resources. Mars was supposed to be our dream but we just couldn’t help ourselves.

How long until we have to travel again?