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Success in Stranger After Dark Competition
Tricky Shooting: Animal Photography through Glass and Wire
Gregory Crewdson – Amazing photographer!
Taylor Wessing NPG Prize Winner announced
Pro photographers with really cheap cameras
National Portrait Photography Short List


Photography Without Leaving Home
Ghosts of World War II
Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012
Klein and Moriyama at the Tate
Threshold 2012: Newport Documentary Photography
Book Review: Loretta Lux – Imaginary Portraits
Tutorial: A Severe Case of Flooding pt.1
Tutorial: A Severe Case of Flooding pt.2


CreativeLIVE – The best photography classroom
Astronomy Photographer 2012
Essential iPhone Camera Apps
Three Life Changing Images
Recession hits like a Hurricane
Camera Usage on Flickr
You Are Not A Photographer!


Favourite Olympic Pictures
Choosing a Long Term Project
Daido Moriyama
Swansea University Graduates


Liverpool Street Photography
Advanced Photographer Magazine Cover Shoot
Visit to Blenheim Palace
Newport Agricultural Show
Newport University Graduates
Baghdad Calling
Lumix GX1 Test Shoot
Panasonic Lumix GX-1
The Eye Photo Festival pt.1
The Eye Photo Festival pt.2


Book Review: It’s All Good
Car Boot Joy
Book Review:  Do or Die
College End of Year Show
RAF Cosford Airshow 2012
New Business Cards
Book Review: The Model Wife 
Taylor-Wessing Portrait Competition 2012
Through the Window
Photographer Compensated
Book Review: Questions without Answers
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